Artwork Guidelines.

We are happy for no extra charge do a simple design for you to have printed throughout your order.

We do kindly ask if you are having different designs within your order, that you supply each design on an email to us as print ready. By print ready, we ask if you can size your design to fit within a 200mm wide by 90mm tall print area, with a good quality image, ideally 100dpi or better. If you are unsure, email a sample image and we can tell you if it is good enough quality for us to use.

We can accept any file format, such as jpeg, png, eps etc.

We do offer a full artwork service from £15 per hour where required.

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It is really easy to order your printed mugs.

You can either email ( the below details or click here to fill in our order form.


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Please attach your design with email, see below artwork guide.

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